Christmas Time

Hey noone! Blog's been dead for a while, but here are some pictures anyway.
I did them for the Bangor University Carol Service! Which is on Monday at 7:30pm.There are more, but it's getting quite busy now.



Documarkary: Bangor 3 - Accommodation

On Sunday I'm going back to Bangor to begin the third and final year of my course. But, before I go, let's hark back to the heady days of the first year. (You will need a harking-enabled browser to view the video.)



Markumentary: Bangor 2 - Post

Burried deep in the hills of Snowdonia, and looking out onto the haunting shores of Anglesey, lies the mysterious and enchanting world of Bangor. Come; join the hords of traffic-cone encumbered drunkards known as students as they explore this strange new world...



Cinemark: Bangor 1 - Food

Today's vid begins a short series I made on the high-points of student life in Bangor. You can get to all my You Tube stuff on the link down the left-hand side of the page, or here. I'd also like to plug the new Robsters film again. Check it out at robsters.com.


Smash Hit

I was at the premiere of Robsters TV yesterday evening, hob-nobbing (or something) with the stars. I think it's the best film we've done so far. Check it out at Robsters.com!



Cinmarkema: I Know Origami

Here's another film I've done. Ages ago.

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